Instagram Video Downloader

Downloading Videos from Instagram has become easy and possible.

High Quality

Instagram Video Downloader

You only need to have your device with you and you can choose to watch your videos when offline or when you have a poor Wifi connection. You no longer have to compromise on using sites that provide poor-quality videos. For you to access the videos you only need two clicks from the Instagram video downloader and you are ready to go, therefore say no more to complicated sites, poor video quality, and other long login and registration processes. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to download videos from Instagram directly. This this makes most IG users prefer using the screen capture which provides low quality of videos. The good news is Instagram Video Downloader provides the option of downloading any video of your choice from Instagram with just two clicks.

What is unique about the Instagram Video Downloader?

This site is quite a user-friendly site and requires less information than other sites and that is why it is highly recommended for downloading Instagram videos.


Say goodbye to registration

This is one of its pros, there is no need for you to start downloading other apps and going through the long registration and sign-up process. You can choose to save your content online and view it as many times as you may wish


No compromise, just high-quality videos

Yes, that is right, Instagram video downloader only provides high quality with high-resolution videos. Henceforth, this gives you no other choice but to choose an Instagram video downloader at all times.


It is open to any device

Instagram video downloader, does not limit the browsing system that you use. You can always save your videos in any browsing system or any operating system.


No payments required

It is free, no payments are needed to use the Instagram video downloader, and you are free to use it at any given time with no changes needed.


Useful for urgent information

Sometimes you come across some videos that might help you in a work project, and you need the video now and then. Instead of going through the hassle of telling the creator of the content to share with you the video, which might even take ages for them to share. Instagram Video Downloader enables you to get and download the video ASAP!


Can download Video without alerting the creator it was you

You can choose to download a video anonymously without alerting the owner of the video that it was you. This helps especially if you want to recreate a content video out of the original video downloaded.


Fast and Secure way to send it to your device

Downloading a video from the Instagram video downloader takes you between two to five seconds and guarantees your device safety and security protection.

Why do I need to download
Instagram videos?

Instagram has become a big game-changer in the technological world. It’s no longer a platform for showing off your best moments but it’s now used for different purposes, marketing, job adverts, and others. So while thinking about why you need this downloader keep in mind this and also the below reasons that will be discussed below

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#1 To assist in Content Creation

While surfing through the internet and Instagram, you are most likely to come across videos that will help you create content or achieve a certain project. You might never come across that video again so at that point you use the Instagram Video Downloader to save that content for later to refer to while you are developing your content. You might not realize how that video is important until you start developing your content and you find yourself referring to the videos more often than you had expected.

#2 Get hold of Useful information on Instagram

I believe the saying an opportunity comes once also applies to some content you come across, you might come across them only once, and this is why Instagram Video Downloader is life and saving hack. There are so much useful content and information on the posts, stories of some of your best bloggers on Instagram and sometimes the content might not be available forever so what better way to do it than to use the Instagram video downloader and download the videos within two seconds and you are good to go. Information is power, therefore it will be useful in many ventures that you decide to utilize it on.

#3 Re-watch videos any time you would like.

So many of us are a victim to re-watching clips all the time, it might be because of the message it's passing across, or the video is inspiration, or even because that joke never gets old. There are of course multiple reasons why we re-watch those clips. Instagram Video downloader provides you with a chance to click that button of saving that video the minute you come across a video that captures your attention.

#4 Download Instagram videos from your profile

From time immemorial since you opened your account on Instagram, you have shared so much content and videos in your profile, and some of those videos/content is no longer saved on your phone/memory and you might also not be confident enough that Instagram will save them for as long as forever as you would like to save them to remind yourself of the good memories. In such situations, a screen capture might help but again it will produce a poor quality video, however, the Instagram video recorder will help you to download fast and good quality videos from your profile.

instagram image
instagram image

#5 Save all content from one event

Many events happen in our lives, it might be a big break in a new job or even a birthday party. In all these events we take videos and pictures to preserve those memories and maybe show our kids and grand kids in the future. You need an Instagram Video downloader to download videos from your colleague's and guests' pages. In such a situation you can choose to open a folder for each event. Let’s say, the videos from the birthday party, you save them under the good memories folder and the videos from a new job, you save them under the big break folder.

#6 Have a backup content

It’s important to have a plan B. You might not be able to access the videos online due to no internet but if you choose to download the videos using the Instagram Video Downloader you can showcase your content at any time even when you are offline.

#7 Visualize Contents and Strategy

Unlike photos, videos can tell a lot. They can be able to showcase different brands, individual personalities and explain in detail what is in store. Instagram provides this opportunity to be able to bring into light, this different aspect and helps in visualizing by watching the videos.

#8 To be up to date on what is happening

Another important reason is to ensure that you are up to date on what is happening, for example, new fashion trends or a recent hot topic channeling through social media. By downloading the videos using the Instagram Video Downloader, you can update the current video on your profile or even share it with friends and family to be up to date on the current affairs that are happening in the world.

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How to download Instagram

Let’s dive into the part where you all are eager to learn, this process is well simplified and no skills or training are needed to learn how to download the videos. All you need is a digital device, fast browsing system, and Internet, and of course, have an Instagram account.

1. Log in to your IG account, scroll down until you find the video that you would like to download. Click the options button which is usually three doted (…) and located at the right corner of the video. Once you click, you will see a box with multiple options, Click the copy link option to preserve the video URL on the clipboard.

instagram image
instagram image

2. Net step after you have copied the video URL, go to the video downloader page and paste the URL link.

3. After pasting the URL link, click download to save video from Instagram then choose a folder that you would which to save the video downloaded. The duration of the video to download will depend on the quality of the video, however, it does not take much time to download

instagram image
instagram image

4. Confirm in your folder that you have saved the right video.

This is one of the most amazing yet simplified Instagram discoveries that has helped so many people. However, this option is not available on your IG account but the Instagram Video downloader. Since people have started to discover the Instagram Video Downloader and what it does, we have decided to answer some of the most frequent questions asked by you to assure you that this is a real deal and you should be comfortable using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any impacts when downloading private content?

A lot of people are reserved when it comes to downloading content shared by people and re-shoring it, fearing that they are committing fraud. However this is not the case, Instagram is a social site which makes it an open site to share content and video. You can choose to download any video from anyone and even share it on your page and you will not have committed any felony. The issue comes in if you decide to use someone else content to benefit yourself commercially, in this case, you might have to answer to the authority.

What software is suitable to download Instagram videos?

There is no preferred software to use, you can decide to use IOS, Android, or any other that is available at use. All you need is a browsing system such as chrome, Mozilla, etc., a full internet excess, and enough memory on your device, especially if you are downloading a video with high RAM.

Is it possible to download a video in bulk?

Instagram video downloader does not have the option of downloading videos in bulk, you can only download videos one by one.

Is there are commended device for downloading videos

You can download videos from any device, it may be a PC, Phone, Tablet, Macbook any that you may prefer. All you need is to have a fast browsing system and internet access so once you have a copy and paste the URL link you can download your video.

Is there a preferred quality of video that I need to download using the Instagram video downloader?

The mantra of Instagram video downloader is what you choose is what you get. This means that if you choose to download a high-quality video you will get it in the exact feature that you chose and vice versa. At all times ensure your video is of high quality to ensure you download a quality video.

Can I download Images and Photos using the Instagram Video downloader?

Yes, you can.

Is there a limit for downloading the videos?

No limit at all, if you choose to download 100 videos in a day that is fine. Instagram video downloader does not restrict the number of videos that you choose to download in a day. The question rather should be, does your device have enough memory to save all those videos?

Can this platform be used by anyone in any country

The Instagram video downloader is fully accessible by anyone in any country as long as you have an IG account. It is also free to use.